ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – this is the greenest option available to clients and project managers for removing tackifier (carpet glue) from floor surfaces. With each panel weighing between 10kg to 14kg, and a floor of 1000sqm using approximately 2770 panels, can you imagine the consequence this is having on land-fill sites and the amount of natural resources needed to replace this quantity of flooring. Also, is it biodegradable?? Of course not. Could it be burnt?? Maybe, but at a risk. Replacing 27,700kg of land-fill with maybe 3 x 80l bins of glue, that has been treated with a biodegradable solution that will turn the old waste into safe dust in a matter of a few weeks – WHICH DOES OUR PLANET DESERVE???

HEALTH & SAFETY – This is not just for clients, customers, and other contractors, but for our staff as well. The solutions we use are COSHH free. There are no harmful ingredients, therefore no risk of dangerous fumes, toxic chemicals that can damage skin of other surfaces. It is safe for other people to be in the working area at the same time without the need of extra PPE. It is the safest chemical currently used in the UK.

TRAINING – All of our staff have received full training and staff are qualified with either CSCS, SSSTS or IOSH Site management qualifications.

MORE COST EFFECTIVE – With a new floor costing between £25 – £50/sqm to install, this will be a fraction of the cost, leaving most floors, looking almost new.

TIME EFFICIENCY – The time it takes to remove old tackifier is usually much quicker than replacing old floors. There is less need to restrict other trades to most of the floor space whilst work is being carried out and no open holes to protect to prevent unnecessary, potential accidents from happening. Also, as we clean on site, there is no need to have the floor sent away to be cleaned.

WORKING WITH CONTRACTORS AND OTHER TRADES – We are fully aware of the needs of site and other trades; therefore, we make it our business to ensure we reduce the impact on site.


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